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Submission Guidelines

Before you fill out the nomination form, be sure to review all of the requirements below.

  • Nominator Guidelines. If you are nominating an individual, group, or organization, first review the eligibility requirements. If the person you wish to nominate is eligible, you will need to compose a Nomination Letter and an Abstract to support your nomination.

  • Nominee Guidelines. If you have been nominated for an award, be sure to complete the nominee steps to keep your nomination process moving. The nomination will not be considered without your complete information.

Nominator Guidelines

  1. Essential information. Each form must include the nominee's full name and email address. An automatic email notification will be sent to the nominee so that he or she can complete their part of the submission.

    Note: If you are nominating an organization, program or team, please provide the name and email address of the individual(s) who would accept the award on behalf of the organization.

  2. 100-word abstract. Each nomination must be accompanied by an abstract (100 words or less) that outlines the nominee's accomplishments and your reason for nominating this individual, team, program, or organization. The abstract should describe why the person or persons you are nominating should receive this award, what they have accomplished that sets them apart from colleagues in their field, and how their accomplishments may benefit the community. Also include details as to the significance of the support materials that were included in your nomination package. Hint: Compose the abstract in a word processor prior to initiating the submission process. You may not save and return to your submission at a later date.
    View a Sample Abstract.

  3. Nomination letter. Each nomination form must be accompanied by a letter that reflects as much as you know about the nominee's accomplishments and services in supporting crime victims. Review the Nomination Letter page and be sure that your letter answers all the questions asked, depending on the award category. Your nomination letter should include your title, affiliation, and mailing and email addresses. No anonymous nominations will be accepted.

    Note: Your nomination letter should not exceed two single-spaced, single-sided, letter-size (8.5" x 11") pages and should be typed using a standard 12-point font. Hint: Compose your letter in a word processor prior to initiating the nomination process. You may not save and return to your submission at a later date.

  4. Group submissions. If you are nominating a group of individuals who work on a specific project, please submit only one nomination letter and abstract for the group. You will need to fill out pertinent information for each individual in the group.

  5. Plaque name. For individual nominees, please indicate whether another name (e.g., a nickname) needs to appear on the award plaque if the nominee is selected. Only one plaque will be presented per team, group, program, or organization, so be sure to keep the program name consistent on all forms.

  6. Award categories. Select the award category that most accurately reflects your nominee's accomplishments and services in supporting crime victims. You will need to answer questions specific to that award type in your nomination letter. An individual, team, program, or organization may not be nominated for more than one award category.

  7. Additional information. Please provide additional information about the nominee or program that should be considered in the review process. Relevant supporting documentation, such as newspaper articles or résumés, can be uploaded with your submission. Hint: Have all supporting documentation prepared prior to initiating the submission process. You will not be able to return to your submission at a later date to upload materials.
    View a Sample Nomination Form for an individual submission.
    View a Sample Nomination Form for a group submission.

Disclaimer: OVC reserves the right to move a nomination from the submitted category to another that better reflects the nominee’s service on behalf of victims of crime.

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Nominee Guidelines

  1. Essential information. Your submission must include your full name, title, affiliation, address, telephone number, and email address. If your application for nomination is accepted, you will be contacted by an OVC staff member with the next steps for your nomination in the award process. As the nominee, you may be required to provide your date of birth and Social Security number that will be used by the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct a background check.

  2. Voluntary information. Demographic information is collected on a voluntary basis. You are not required to fill out this information to be considered for an award.

  3. Acceptance agreement. If this nomination is chosen for consideration—

    The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), a component of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, is authorized to contact the nominee for his or her date of birth and Social Security number in order to initiate a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) name check. This information is needed to provide enough identifying data to allow a search of FBI records and federal, state, and local law enforcement civil and criminal records. The results of the name check are used to assist OVC in making a determination of suitability or eligibility to receive a National Crime Victims’ Service Award. Furnishing this information is voluntary; however, if a nominee chooses not to provide it, the refusal may result in a determination of ineligibility to receive a National Crime Victims’ Service Award. To participate on stage in the awards ceremony, individual award recipients, members of a group award recipient, and accompanying officials must provide the same information for a name check upon request.

    If chosen for an award, the nominee agrees to—

    • Participate in all National Crime Victims’ Service Awards Ceremony events taking place in Washington, D.C. The award recipientís travel expenses will be reimbursed within Federal Government guidelines. For group nominations, expenses will be reimbursed for a maximum of two nominees.
    • The general use by the media and posting to Federal Government component Web sites of their photographic portraits or pictures, digital images, videotapes, other media material, and sound recordings. The media will be invited to participate in all events associated with National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.
    • The public dissemination of their biographical information, including award-related personal and/or professional stories.

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