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The 2022 National Crime Victims’ Service Awards nomination period is now closed.

  • National Crime Victim Service Award This prestigious award honors extraordinary individuals and programs that provide services to victims of crime. The award recognizes programs and individuals whose work has been particularly noteworthy, and that exemplify the long-term commitment that characterizes many victim service providers, some of whom are also victims of crime.
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award Established in 2005, the Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award honors those whose leadership, vision, and innovation have led to significant changes in public policy and practice that benefit crime victims.
  • Special Courage Award This award recognizes a victim or survivor who has exhibited exceptional perseverance or determination in dealing with his or her own victimization. It may also acknowledge an individual who has acted bravely either to aid a victim or to prevent victimization.
  • Tomorrow's Leaders Award This award seeks to honor and highlight youth up to age 24 years who have dedicated their efforts to supporting victims of crime. Whether they have taken a stand against bullying, peer pressure, domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, child abuse, campus sexual assault, and/or victimization of minority communities including LGBTQ, etc., these young nominees have shown courage and leadership by raising awareness of a problem, highlighting a need for change in policies, and/or providing direct services for victims.
  • Victim Rights Legend Award This award, instituted in 2019, recognizes an individual whose work over an extended period of time has resulted in positive and substantial change in the field of victim advocacy and/or victims' rights.
  • Volunteer for Victims Award Many of the dedicated men and women who serve crime victims do so without compensation. This award honors individuals for their extraordinary and selfless efforts resulting in positive and lasting changes in the lives of crime victims.
  • Allied Professional Award This award recognizes an individual or individuals from a specific discipline outside the victim assistance field, including, but not limited to health, education, social work, and first responder (e.g. law enforcement, emergency services, firefighters, rescue professions) communities for their contributions to the crime victims field or extraordinary acts of valor towards crime victims.
  • Award for Professional Innovation in Victim Services Instituted in 2001, this award recognizes a program, organization, or individual who has helped to expand the reach of victims' rights and services.
  • Crime Victims Financial Restoration Award This award recognizes individuals, programs, organizations, or teams which have developed innovative ways of funding services for crime victims, or have instituted innovative approaches for securing financial restoration for crime victims.
  • Crime Victims Research Award The Crime Victims Research Award recognizes individual researchers or research teams that made a significant contribution to the nation's understanding of crime victim issues. Building a body of evidence-based knowledge, as well as conducting both qualitative and quantitative studies, helps us better understand victimization trends, services and behaviors, and enforcement efforts. Nominations that feature unique research-practitioner partnerships or innovative dissemination methods are encouraged.
  • Crime Victims’ Rights Award This award honors the dedicated champions throughout our Nation whose efforts to advance or enforce crime victims’ rights have benefited victims of crime at the state, tribal, or national level.
  • Federal Service Award This award recognizes the extraordinary efforts of federal agency personnel who lead initiatives or reforms and make extraordinary contributions that impact victims of federal, tribal, and military crimes, or more broadly promotes victims' rights and services for victims nationally and internationally. Federal agency nominees can include individuals, teams, programs, agencies, or their bureau/component personnel who impact victims of all types of crime. Those may include financial crimes, crimes committed in tribal communities, crimes committed on military installations or other federal property (such as national parks or government buildings), or federal crimes involving victims who may reside abroad (either U.S. citizens or foreign nationals).
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